Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Freitag, 28. August 2009


Cheap Thrills is finished. After almost five years we decided not to continue Cheap Thrills any longer. There wasn't enough energy in the band to push it any further. We rather stop at this high point, than letting this band die slowly. We reached a point where we have reached everyone we liked and were ignored by everyone who we couldn't care less about. The last few years have been the best of our lives and we thank all of you for your support, especially our friends and all the people who took us in. You know who you are. There will be a last show, though. All other dates have been canceled. This is it for us - game over. Hardcore lives!

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2009

the burden of hope

the tour kick-off is just a couple of days away and we are absolutely psyched about it. Our 7inch got out of the pressing plant in time and new merch is in the making, right now. Hope to see some familiar and some new faces during the tour...

and btw.
check our merch

peace out

Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009

reunion tours

see the post below...
hardcore 2009 is not capable of setting new landmarks on its own. instead, we hype some copycats that try to get the "ILL BLOOD" sound straight or record the "DIVISION ONE CHAMPS" inch for the gazillionst time since 1996. yeah, that is sooo cool. and the kids will go nuts for it. well, if some lukewarm appearances of bands, that lost their connection to the scene years ago makes you wanna stagedive and high five... great. but you should start wondering, why the bands did such great records back in the days?! and if that won't make you think twice about the above mentioned, you should try and ask yourself this: why keep the CRO-MAGS a.k.a. JJ and the FVK keep coming over the pond, and why do they get less attention each time they come over here? AND WHY DID YOU NOT GO AND SEE BLOODCLOT WHEN THEY DID THEIR EUROPEAN TOUR LAST YEAR? we are stuck in the past. and opening up for something new means walking on thin ice. well, you won't get scene credit for wearing a bloodclot shirt, i guess. that's why.

Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009


being part of the FWH-family is great. even greater was the 2009 edition of the FWH-festival, held in Essen. we met some good friends and made some new ones, too. thx to Rico and the whole staff for being super nice, once again.
there was one major disturbance, though. we really don't know why, but are the people that go to shows so fucked in the head, that they need one hundred square meters to bust their moves in the pit while the rest of the audience watches the bands from the hall? and why do we forget all about the classic acts like 100 DEMONS or HATEBREED etc. those acts have been covered that day - no reaction whatsoever?!
when we got involved in the hardcore scene fifteen years ago, we checked the roots. and we tried to give credit where it's due. today it seems, that the scene lacks a good amount of subtantiality. no offense here, but what is such a fest all about, when we witness some kids go from DJ BOBO straight to DJ TOMEKK and then to some crappy and overly hyped hardcore acts. but everything fits perfectly together, as long as you can still wear your new era cap, right???

we as a band do not believe in the scene as it shows its sedated face on every other event, nowadays. we are fed of brainless fashionistas at a (btw. really nice) D-MONEY gig, who only care for their vans and their lumberjack shirts. we are fed of stupid assholes and their clichés at a random bollo-showcase, too. all we see is images. but where is the real anger, the real and honest enthusiasm? sometimes it looks like we forgot about the things, this scene used to be so great for. don't be a whimp and do your spinkicks approx. 25 meters away from the stage during a PLATOON set. go upfront and be true to yourself. you like it, then show it. you don't like it, leave the scene and stop pretending.

yes, this statement could be understood as a wake up call. it could also be understood as a lame proof, that we are a bunch of aging and never to be satisfied coots. we don't care. the truth is - we are in this for the real deal. no images, no shit. if you can't be bothered to check the story behind this scene, if you are too fucked in the head, that you can't see why it is crucial to stay true to yourself and the scene, then please... be kind and leave us alone (and by us we mean all our good friends, that keep us being involved in HC 2009). we rather stand alone, than being a part of a movement, that neither knows where it comes from, nor where it is heading.

and yes. for all of you spinkicking faggots. if you really want to be tough and all that shit. come to duisburg on june 13th and watch some even older coots than us being fucking REAL!

Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

this is what we are... this is where we come from

back in the days, all of us used to listen to MACHINE HEAD'S "burn my eyes" over and over again.
so we decided to honour this fantastic piece of work with our own interpretation of a metal shirt classic.

get it on FWH-FEST (May, 2nd) or get in touch via myspace.

hate church rising